The impact of technology in the world of transportation is one that still amazes people. Technology has made innovative changes and improvements over the years such as access to travel information, planning, and management applications, lowering the risks of accidents, and several other things. The world of transportation has received a very prospective future having gone this far in a small amount of time. Dirigible keeps her hands in the affairs of transportation by infusing more technological solutions such as global positioning systems, automated control and satellite tracing to make a better site for the setup of transportation to a higher level.

Dirigible sees the necessity of technology in the world of transportation and puts high-level expertise to provide ICT methods to interested clients in the transportation world for better performance. Here are the few parts under transportation in which Dirigible focuses on:

  1. Warehousing and Maritime
  2. Public and Private Transportation
  3. GPS Tracking System
  4. Ticketing Package
  5. Logistics and supply chain
  6. Internet Of Things & Telematics

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