Get Real-Time Updates

Making it easy, quick and accurate communication with college management software.

Daily Attendance

Get your instant attendance info, present, and day-off.

Syllabus & Content

Chapter-wise course schedule with the time required to complete each topic.

Holiday Updates

Keeping updated on festivals, events, celebrations, and activities.

Faculties Concerns

Understanding every detail about your faculty's concerns.

Class Timetable

Plan classes projects, assignments, super easy and fast.

Why Do You Need MyEdu?

Excellent Support & Training.

Easy of use with simple UI and UX.

Customisable as per institute requirements.

Detailed Reports.

Secure and Robust solution

Parents most loved, preferred and recommended school communication tool.

Quick and Easy to use.

Real-time activities to every Parent, Teacher and College Student.

Keeps on aspects of college management software on track and effective.

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