Over the years, the media have gone through a lot of stages from slow information transmission, excruciating work time, high-risk rates. Also, with time, humans started getting involved in the world of technology as things became a bit more complex; this gave birth to telecommunication. Telecommunication is like the modified version of the slow method of communication. It incorporates old media to a new faster, easier and less pain tasking information transmission of this internet age. Telecommunication having achieved a lot still has a wide space for improvements and needs to solve the correct lapses present in the present world of communication; this is where the need for a technological company comes in.

Dirigible being one of the fastest-growing technology companies with a high level of expertise decides to involve itself with the world of telecommunication and provides technology as a service to interested media customers from Nigeria and even globally. these are a few aspects in which Dirigible is involved with:

  1. Online Social media
  2. Digital Animation
  3. Production and broadcast media
  4. Digital Online news