Manufacturing and technology have been two inseparable sectors in the world in which technology has not only brought not only major innovative performance to the manufacturing industry but also introduced a dazzling way of doing things. The technological world has created tools that have made an efficient and effective production of manufactured goods. this tool created by the technological world maximizes the effort of workers and gives the Industrial world an effective and powerful ability to turn raw materials into affordable, exuberant and high-quality products essential to the present world's society.

Dirigible is made up of incredible and formidable engineering expertise has decided to also make a big impact in industrialization and giving desired products to customers in a more dignified at a very affordable and quality they can rely on. These are the examples of the major sections in which Dirigible infuse their expertise in:

  1. Mechanical/industrial engineering
  2. Industrial automation
  3. Renewables and environment
  4. Oil/Gas and energy
  5. General utilities
  6. Shipbuilding management engineering
  7. Automotive/Aviation and Aerospace
  8. Electronic and electric manufacturing