In a world where technology has affected almost all areas of our individual lives, it is no news that technology has also made a major step-up in the spheres of education. Technological services have lifted the barrier of inaccessibility preventing customers from gaining knowledge. In Nigeria, this firm has resolved to put her productive hands into the educational sector to turn it around.

Here are some parts of the educational system and solution in which Dirigible has started to involve itself;

  1. School/College Reception Solution
  2. Educational research and management
  3. Empower Teachers/Professors/ Faculty
  4. Boost IT Staff / Administrator
  5. Education Institution Staff
  6. Enhance Students Experiences
  7. Emergency Services
  8. Secure the Campus
  9. Introduce New Apps Not Passwords
  10. Securing Remote Learning
  11. Reduce Password Reset Calls
  12. Securing Sensitive Data
  13. Temperature-Based Access Control
  14. Video Surveillance Feeds and Access Records
  15. Instant Announcements
  16. Schedule Management
  17. Exam-Result Publishing
  18. Fees Management
  19. Staff Management