The world of corporate operations and SMEs (small and medium enterprises) have had a lot of significant innovative impacts on the growth of the economical world, employment and a lot of social investment opportunities.  With the involvement of technology into this world, a lot of things have taken a major turnaround with technological companies often providing a source of innovative and proactive ICT enhanced solutions that cause a long-lasting impact on the Nigerian, African, and the global digital economy at large.

It is no longer news that new and high modified products and processes of a production give a well-added advantage of some companies over the other. As the world goes technological, the only way in which this can be achieved adequately is by involving a technological company; this is where Dirigible comes in. We Offer high technological methods of providing a solution to corporate and SME problems any of our clients could come across by providing an improved status of the company at an affordable price. Here are some few aspects in which Dirigible  can adequately provide technological services to:

  1. Outsourcing IT staffing and recruiting
  2. IT professional training and coaching
  3. IT/OT security and investigation
  4. IT facilities services
  5. IT business supplies and equipment
  6. IT marketing and advertisements
  7. IT research and management consulting