This is one of the sections that this technological company is mostly involved with. In a fast-paced country like Nigeria, businesses come and rise every day and with that, there are more and more needs for the interference of a technological company into the business world.  It is true that all business organizations big or small all started with an idea but the distinction in their scale of production is what more have they done to develop the idea.

Offering technology as a service would help businesses to grow and be able to distinguish themselves according to the services they provide. They are put in a better advantage to solve efficiently and with a touch and gloss of innovations and creativity most of the problems that may arise in the business world.

Dirigible  being one of the best technology companies has some of these segments under the business world in which they offer their expertise ;

  1.  Cloud services
  2.  ICT hardware structures
  3. ICT infrastructures services
  4. Security problem eradication
  5. Custom software services
  6. Website designs, development, and rebranding
  7. Network and Surveillance services
  8. VoIP communication services
  9. Consultancy and support