The world of art and entertainment has grown over the years to be very dependent on technology. Just like sports, the entertainment industry has attracted over 4.7 billion audience amidst world population. While the days of cinemas and public film shows are gradually vague and people are hastily diversifying towards the trend of online entertainment, the world is basically and gradually becoming paperless and physical as almost everything we do now are on computers and electronic devices: The art and entertainments sector is not left out.

The Dirigible company also cut across this corner not only bringing solutions to problems that could rise up but also enhancing the several branches of art as a whole. Here are some parts of art and entertainment that this company infuses its expertise to;

  1.  Digital Music
  2. Digital production
  3. Graphic design
  4. Art and crafts
  5. Photography
  6. Museums and institutions
  7. Motion pictures and Animated Video